Kuala Lumpur Design Week 2009 (KLDW)

This is the very 1st Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur Design Week (KLDW).
I'm so happy that can join the Super Motion Conference (SMC) + Maximum Minimalism Conference (MMC).

and also get the chance to meet up with a lots of famous designer and artist from different of places!
all the speech they gave is awesome and cool! I really learn a lots of things from them.
here i got some pics to share with u guys.

Day 1, Super Motion Conference at MaTiC.

not a very big hall, and those are ppl who attend the conference.

Day 2, Maximum Minimalism Conference at KLCC Conference Centre.

and this is really what I call a big hall!!! inside is so cool and huge!

and I meet up with lovely Floetic and Urban Creature in the Day 2 MMC conference ^^

very happy that can take picture with the founder of Studio 4'C, Koji Morimoto

the very famous Stefan Sagmeister! he is AWESOME!!!

the pretty Eva Rucki from Troika.

Director Kobayashi from UK, he's Cool!!!

finally thanks to Juan make all this so happening, Thanks Juan and all the KLDW team!!!


(for more pics, pls click HERE!)


  1. muahha.a...got lenglui called eva :P
    u and syah look beri genchiong :D

  2. hahaha... a lots of ppl wan to take pics with her, some more she rushing to others place! lucky we got chance to take pics with her!
    she so cool!!!
    (even syah on the phone, still wanna take pic with her!)

  3. god damn envy you can stand beside and take pics with all those awesome people!

  4. take pics with them syok sendiri saja la!
    they also don know who am i la~
    paiseh paiseh >.<