DIGITIZATION: The Contemporary Digital Art of Malaysia's Emerging Designers.

DIGITIZATION: The Contemporary Digital Art of Malaysia's Emerging Designers.

“Digitization” is a collective featuring a diverse range of digital artworks created by Malaysia’s Young Emerging Designers. It is an exploration of the new media art, how its complex effects influences the way we perceive, think and feel, just like conventional art does.

In the spirit of unearthing young and emerging Malaysian designers, contemporary digital art and culture in Malaysia has become an exciting, diverse and vibrant realm. With this new territory, the progress of Malaysian art will be unveiled and tapped to indefinite possibilities, by the harmony of inspirations, into a fusion of ideas.

In appreciating these designers’ works of art, one inadvertantly participates in a broader understanding and acceptance of digital media and cultures. Taking its cue from the exhibition, this book attempts to show that digital is the main current of 21st century art.

This will the first round pre-highlights of Digitization at Bigbros workshop showcase space at Creative Catalyst in conjunction with Bangkok Design Festival 2009. There are more then 30 Malaysia Emerging Designers artwork on display from Studio Climb, Supernature, Stephan Lau, Sau Lim, Action Tintoy, Michael Chuah, Muid Latif, 84cubes, Sheiko, Kawakong, Robonut, Motiofixo, Maws, Venn Soh, Efozy, Flierz, Jonas Liang, Sophie, Monographiz, Banghoux, Melissa Lin, Farhani Othman, Chee Way, Visual80, Urban Cr3atures, yayawoo, et-Artspace, Room99, Chicken1985 & Mc Lelun.

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Date & Venue:
8th oct - 11th oct 2009
SIAM PARAGON - Level 2 ( Bigbros Booth)
Bangkok, Thailand.

Curate by Bigbros Workshop
Co-ordinate by PIPIT